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"Liz Hall's yoga is fantastic! I attend classes as much for Liz's delightful personality which fills me up with happiness as I do for her amazing yoga practice! Liz goes over the top to make her Zoom classes work for all her students as well as providing individual attention to us. During this time on my mat I feel free and present."


"The yoga exercises Liz recently taught in our one-on-one Zoom classes helped to strengthen my upper back and neck muscles which greatly improved my posture and allowed my head to be more upright instead of pitching forward. I have been taking yoga classes with Liz for several years both in person and using Zoom. I have noticed an increase in my core strength which has significantly reduced my back pain. Liz is a great yoga instructor. In both Zoom and in-person group yoga classes, she provides detailed, careful instructions and is always mindful of our individual limitations. I will be returning to my seasonal job soon but am taking Wednesday mornings off so I can continue to be in Liz’s yoga class – my back health depends on it!"


"Yoga with Liz is outstanding! It is not at all intimidating.

I try to attend 3 classes per wk. It is energizing, healthy, and fun!"

Carol Savago

"Liz Hall is a caring and excellent instructor. She is very thorough in telling you how to do the pose. It is important to her that you do it correctly and safely to receive the intended benefit for the targeted muscles/area. I am a senior citizen and always feel more flexible after her class."


"I've taken yoga classes off and on for 40 years and Liz is one of my favorite yoga teachers! I now take 2 classes a week and have been with her for 5 months. She has a soothing and meditative voice that I now hear when I do my own yoga at home. My posture is better and my balance has improved. Even though we are encouraged to be careful and not push during class, I feel like I get a work out and am challenged, but am relaxed and peaceful at the end.

That works for me!"


"I have been going to Liz Hall's moderate yoga for about a year now. It has really helped my breathing and my posture. Her classes are a great way to improve your body. Her teaching methods are geared to improve your technique while not being overly hard. Even on zoom she is able to offer constructive criticism during the class. The classes build on each other so you are able to achieve gains if you attend regularly. Very enjoyable and a good value."


Hi Liz,

In class you asked us to get back to you about our necks and shoulders post class.  I hold a lot of stress in that area and today for the first time in months I am not in pain.  I had been doing the isometrics for the head you showed us a couple of weeks ago and that has helped as well.  I have gained so much strength in my body post-surgery since starting back into the yoga class, thank you.  I appreciate your knowledge and teaching style as well as you give us permission to not do something if it doesn’t feel right.  Love ending with the Yama’s,  gives me something to think about for the evening!!!

Georgia Adelman

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