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Class Descriptions



This class is for people who are new to yoga and for those who have been doing yoga for years. The class may start lying on the floor, sitting or standing.  The energy level and ability of the students is evaluated when designing the class.  The directions for the postures are given so that you will be able to do them in either a gentle or more challenging way. In addition, you will learn classic breathing techniques (pranayamas) that will help you gain more control over your breath and therefore your energy and mind.

Chair Yoga


Chair Yoga is good for people who have limitations with movement. The class starts out sitting in the chair.  We do full-range of motion movements for each joint to prepare the joints for the yoga practice. We then do standing postures using the chair as needed for balance and to make more challenging floor postures accessible.  We then do postures lying and sitting on the floor. Not all people go down to the floor. It is easy to learn adaptations for postures in this class. This a good class for people new to yoga as well.

Guided Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) & Meditation

  • Very simple movement and easy Yoga for about 10 minutes


  • Seated in a chair chanting five one syllable sounds to lengthen the breath for 10 minutes


  • A guided deep relaxation done while lying on your back with blankets and pillows


  • A 10 minute seated meditation

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